Beautiful Arab WordPress’

7 Sep

As I’ve mentioned, I am still new to this whole blogging and WordPress thing. I’m still learning how to navigate the website as a whole and especially struggling to figure out how my posts are organized!! Well during my most recent venture around the site I stumbled into a few WordPress’ addressing Arab issues, many of them travel blogs. I’m under the impression there is a a way to “follow” a blog, but that is another day…. Until then I’m posting links to what I’ve found here, and will continuously add more as I find them!

All credit to the authors and photographers of these blogs, Enjoy!

“Glimpses of Iran”


A well done travel blog. This link goes directly to her Africa section,

including Morroco, Egypt, Tunisia


Blog with a focus on spreading Islam and learning Arabic.

As learning Arabic is inextricably linked to understanding Islam, this blog will help understand both.


A blog written by a student learning Arabic in Jordan


Blog by traveler in Egypt


Syrian cooking blog by my Ustaddah!!! +)



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