Update: Egypt and Libya Protests Linked to Pro-al-Qaeda group

12 Sep

As the news continues to cover the Egyptian and Libyan protests, specialists have drawn closer to the conclusion the the attacks in Libya specifically were not only planned, but linked to a Pro-al-Qaeda group.

The deaths have reached a rumored 14, 10 Libyans while providing security for the Embassy, 1 Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 Embassy staffers. The Ambassador Chris Stevens was the first to be killed in the line of duty in 33 years. Below is a link to a video discussing those who believed so much in peaceful relationships they devoted their lives to the cause.

Click image for link

Today Libyans in Benghazi responded to the 9/11 protests, offering their condolences to the US and the families of those killed. With signs saying:

  “This is not the behavior of our Islam and Profit” 



What I ask of all Americans, is that we offer Libyans and Egyptians the same respect they are offering us on the behalf of our ignorant film-makers, and their raging radicals. Lets move forward together and not let the actions of the two hateful groups of people on both sides drag us all into their misery.




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